Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Smart Baby is Rejecting Bottle

So I have the Auckland Parent and Child show fast approaching next week, and I have been a busy beaver getting myself organised. This will be my busiest weekend of the year. I will take some photos to show you my great ideas for the display (but only after it is over).

One of the tasks to organise is childcare for Mr 4 and baby 6 months. Hubby wont be able to do it, as he will be with me at the show doing pamphlets and running around etc. No he wont be directly selling lingerie and breast pumps hahah i don't think people would want to buy them from big bad Bruce!)

So anyway, my darling parents are coming up from down country to look after my children for four days. My Dad was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer but we wont know any more news until 4 November. So they are still coming up , and we will just pretend that we don't know anything about this cancer and that everything is fine. They will really enjoy spending this time with the kids it will distract their minds a little. Angus will be fine, he will help and he knows what to do and when. But I am a bit worried about baby.

I have been
expressing breast milk for a while now and have a huge stack of breast milk stored in freezer. One of the perks about having a breastfeeding business is the products I get to use (albeit only while I have a baby in the baby age).

But this is a smart baby, he is not having the bottle. I'm trying to give him the bottle at lunch time, but you should see his sad face and he wont swallow it. I think I will need hubby to give him the bottle for me. He had a few bottles when he was a baby, but then I got lazy and just breast fed him. Its so much easier just getting out the boob - less work. Remember I am a lazy mum. With boob there is no heating, checking temperature, mixing, washing, storing, cleaning etc!!

At least I have a few different type of baby bottles to choose from, I have high hopes for the Adiri bottle as it has been designed for fussy babies.

..... but if it all goes wrong.... then at the Parent and Child show..... would it be okay to have a "breastfeeding demonstration with real baby"... perhaps I could market it like could be a real feature.... only when baby is so distressed and hungry that someone will have to drive him to me at the show.... (only 5 minutes down the road).... It could work I suppose...... but its not something i really want to do.....oh deary me.