Friday, October 3, 2008

Moulded Cup Breast Feeding Bra

So many breast feeding mothers have been asking me about where to find a moulded cup breast feeding bra, well good news!!

We now have a gorgeous gorgeous
moulded cup breast feeding bra on our maternity products online store - Breastmates.

This is a
Hotmilk Lingerie brand of breast feeding bra. It is made from a deep dark violet colour, with black lace on the top half of the cup. It has fantastic breast support, and also adds a bit of boost to the cleavage.


I am wearing one myself today (am breast feeding baby who is 5 months) I am normally a small 12B cup size, but with this breast feeding bra I have a great boost and lift, and the moulded cup bra gives good outline with (with no nip showing through!).

You can order these
breast feeding bras from our website.

Ideal for any
lactating mums out there!

or check out our full range of
pregnancy bras and breast feeding bras at our store