Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mothers and Daughters

I get quite a few enquiries from Mothers who are purchasing gifts for their daughter (or daughter-in-law) who is having a baby. Like a lady who is going to be a Nana or a Grandma for the first time.

A lot of these new Nana's may have been
pro-breastfeeding when they had their baby's, and they want to find something to encourage their daughter or daughter-in-law to breastfeed too.

They are so pleased when they find my
breastfeeding website, as we really do cater for everything that a breastfeeding mother would need.

Although we have a lot of great products, like
maternity lingerie, nappy bags, breastfeeding clothing etc - the most popular things that Nana's or Grandmas purchase from me are breast pumps, breastfeeding books, and gift vouchers.

Breastfeeding Book

Electric Breast Pump
They often purchase these things as gifts to take with them as a Baby shower gift. But I can also gift wrap, include a card, and send directly to the preggie mummy any where in the world.

Check out my full range of products on my web store: or contact me if you would like some nice gift ideas.