Saturday, November 15, 2008

People think of me during the night.....

I got this email from another customer today, and it totally made my day.

There must be so many mums around the world that get up to feed their baby in the night, and see or use our products at that time! Luckily for me, my 6 month old is sleeping through the night, most nights.

Quote "Hi, I am up feeding my 3moth old at this hour(4am) and got thinking about your company, i recived my goods yesterday, and i am amazed at the quality of service you provide, i love the t-shirt and the feeding band is SO handy. i just wanted to say thanks, you realy made me feel like a customer not a order to be filled, you will get by buisness again and i will reccomend to all other mums i know. hope your family business just grows and grows!

Receiving that message is a big warm fluffy. I didnt even do anything unusual or special for this lady's order, just did what I always do :-)