Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Plate is Full

Yup I've got a lot on my plate at the moment, I think more than my fair share. I don't want to seem greedy, but I am feeling a bit peeved off.

1. Aunty La age 29 is slowly dying from cancer. It is taking longer than we thought, she has a strong will. She has lost about 20 kg now in the last 3 weeks and is just surviving on iceblocks (which she shares with Angus) and morphine of course.

2. My dad (age 70) has prostrate cancer, he has started his chemo. He also has pneumonia. But his specialist is concerned it is lung cancer. Waiting on results.

3. We came very very close to deciding to moving to Hamilton The Tron, my hubby was offered a fantastic job but they just wouldnt pay us enough to leave Auckland. We had driven down to the Tron at the weekend, liked it, and even picked out a house and a school. We were so close to changing our life!

4. Hubby goes to the hospital tomorrow to have his Butt Tube Video taken. I have declined to watch the footage. He has a whole lot of stuff to drink tonight to empty out of his system - we have joked that it is a good way for him to loose 5 kg!

Good parts:
Today I went to visit my lovely friends at Hotmilk in Tauranga. Very inspiring and I want to make some changes here at my shop after seeing their setup. I will take some photos and share my ideas with you later. It was nice driving down today, just me and bubs. Older son was at preschool, and doesnt know that we went on a road trip as I was back in time to pick him up!! I am such a good mum

Good parts:
This is my busy season with the website business. Lots of babies being born. I have answered a record number of emails last week! It is good to have the website to keep me occupied. I feel safe and secure in my little shop-cave busy typing away doing this stuff.