Friday, November 14, 2008

New Baby in House

I always tell new mums to stay in their PJs as long as possible after the baby is born – I always found that I just got that little bit more help around the house if I stayed in my pjs longer. People think you are less capable if you are PJs and much more inclined to help out.

I wrote about this advice in an email to a customer today... and she replied:

"YES pjs for me!!! ALL DAY. people will think I'm hopeless and I will milk it. LOL "

Well here at Breastmates we do have two gorgeous styles of maternity PJs / breastfeeding PJs on our website, these are HOTmilk brand. They also make a nice gift - so give a hint to your hubby!

 Breastfeeding Maternity Pjs

 Breastfeeding Maternity Pjs