Thursday, November 6, 2008

For the first time

Its been a long time since Angus has seen something for the first time, we have covered most things in his 4 years of life so far.

But last night, he just happened to be out of bed. It was 9.30pm. It was very dark outside. Neighbours were letting off fireworks at the school at the end of our street.

The sheer amazement on his face was delightful as for the first time he got to see fireworks in all their glory.

The previous 4 years on Guy Fawkes night, he has been in bed, fast asleep since his 7pm bed time. But last night he was awake and he enjoyed it.

We sat at the lounge window, him and I , watching the sky light up. Actually, he was watching the sky for the coloured flashes. I was watching his reflection in the glass and enjoying every minute next to him.