Monday, November 24, 2008

Breast Pump - Soft Breast Shields

A common question about the Medela breast pumps:

Q: Are there silicone inserts like the Avent Breast Pumps have those petal massaging cushions?
Medela do manufacture a “Soft-Fitbreastshield which is a soft flexi plastic and is a lot more comfortable to use than the standard shield that comes with the mini electric breast pump. This one only comes in the 24mm size. This soft-fit breast shield comes standard with the Harmony Manual Breast pump, and also the Swing Electric breast pump.

The Soft-Fit
breastshield doesn’t have the petal massaging cushions like on the Avent breast pump, but it is very similar and is comfortable to use.

Please contact us to enquire about these breast shields, and other spare parts for breast pumps.

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