Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visiting Breastmates Shop

At Breastmates YES we are open for visitors. We just require that you make an appointment first. Usual days are Mon-Tues-Wed 10am to 4pm, but I can accomodate other times if required.

You can come over to have a Hot Milk Bra fitting, try on some breastfeeding tshirts, look at nursing pillows, talk about breast pumps, any thing really!

I will give you our address when you make the appointment. Its not displayed on the website.

And also we don't have a sign outside our house, it just looks like a normal house. Yes it is also our home.

So just come up to the house, and ring the doorbell.

I will open up the garage door, as our studio is located in the garage.

I have quite a selection of things for you to look at.

Because this is mainly a website business, all our items are stored for easy packing of orders.

We do have a sample of each item on hangers for you to look at, and other items are shelved.

I can measure your size (for sexy maternity lingerie by Hotmilk) which is why most visitors come to see me.

You can go to our "changing area" to try them on. Note how the stripes of this match our website colours due to some clever DIY!!

So you can check out the items in the changing room, and I can check the fit for you too, or pass you other things to try. This is a one-on-one service, and I try to ensure my appointment times don't clash with other visitors so that I can give you the service and help you need.

Then if you are happy, you can pay by eftpos. I dont have any cash held here, so eftpos is the preferred payment. Of course it is obligation free, so if you dont like anything you don't need to purchase. Sometimes I might need to order something in for you, so I would send that out to you when it is ready.

So that's it. Easy.

Let me know if you want to pop over.

PS yes its fine to bring children with you.