Monday, November 24, 2008

A Bad Breastfeeding Poster

Okay so you all probably know by now that I am a strong breastfeeding supporter. I'm not a staunch pro-feeding nazi or anything like that, cos its up to you how you feed your baby, and as long as your baby is fed (breast or bottle) and happy then your family will be happy too. But if you are feeding with booby juice - then GO for it!

I was at a recent Parent and Child exhibition, and there was a
breastfeeding support group there also with a stand. They are not a retailer like me, they are support. And boy, they do a great job and are a fabulous life-line for alot of women in our country. So THUMBS UP for them.

But someone really needs to tell them that the posters they use are NOT appealing.

This was a huge huge poster, the size of the wall. I walked past it, and it made me feel squeamish.

I think the poster is the "first feed" with a newborn baby, but the sight of that huge dark nipple, a screaming baby with open mouth, oooh it just makes me feel yuck and glad that its not me. It doesnt make breastfeeding feel appealing at all to me. In fact, i think this poster would make people turn away from it.

I am sure posters like this would be having a negative impact on their advertising. And like it must have had a negative impact on how many people visited their stand and chatted to them. If I was visitng the show, i might have gone to their stand for a chat and information (if i wasnt involved with breastmates) but I doubt that my husband would have come too. He would have run a mile.

So perhaps I should offer to sell my breastfeeding photo to this support group......

just for the record my photo is a high quality print image, i've just done this to the quality for the blog so that noone steals the image without asking me.