Monday, November 24, 2008

Sterilising Breast Pumps

Q: What steriliser would you suggest for the medela pump and also the bottles and Adiri natural nurser?

Well Medela dont manufacture their own brand of sterilizer, but they do have some microwave sterilisation bags. These would fit all types of the medela breast pumps and bottles, teats etc.

You could also use the
Avent Microwave Steriliser as all the medela items and the adiri bottle will fit into that Sterilizer. The medela bottles and adiri bottle are all smaller in size than the avent bottles, so they will easily fit.

You could also boil all your items in a saucepan, they have to be boiling for 4 minutes. But be careful that you don't forget about the saucepan boilng.

You could also use cold sterilisation tablets, such as miltons. you can buy these at the supermarket.

I just do NOT recommend an
Electric Steriliser for Medela bottles, medela breast pump, or adiri bottles, as that can be too harsh on their plastic. The Electric Sterilizer is fine and suitable for all Avent products though.