Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HOTmilk Wins Awards

The HOTmilk SEXY lingerie style has been voted no 1 in the UK!

UK magazine Pregnancy and Birth have recently announced the winner of their readers test with HOTmilk taking out the top prize with a 10/10!

HOTmilk is now the most sexy and desirable brand, but have also proven the products have outstanding comfort and support!

In the "Bloom Awards" HOTmilk won the ‘Best for lingerie’ award. With the quote ‘ Comfortable, luxurious and very very sexy - this maternity lingerie is too good to be kept under wraps!’

The Silhouette of a Secret style was reviewed and the comments were "These were my absolute favourite - comfortable and sexy. Perfect underwear for pregnant women. My husband loved them too" 10/10

This just goes to show how popular HOTmilk lingerie is with mothers all over the world, HOTmilk is now The Sexy Brand!

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