Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breast Pads

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Breast pads are unfortunately the un-glamourous part of breastfeeding. Leaky boob pads.

I started my business after I developed
wool breast pads, and then hemp breast pads. Both of these are reusable types that you can wash and reuse. Its flattering to think that these are being used by so many people around NZ and the world. Yay! I like using them because they save money, ecofriendly, good for absorbancy etc. You can read some feedback from customers on this page here: http://www.breastmates.co.nz/feedback.html

I also sell
Disposable Breast Pads at my online store. I've tried all of them - that's the advantage of having a baby now so that I can test more stuff. The ones I sell on the website are the Medela Disposables. So I'm going to do a quick review of these now, my own words. I can do a technical one with absorption comparisons etc later.

They are very trim and slim, not bulky like some other
disposable breast pads. They are already in a moulded shape, so this helps with the fit and means that they dont show through clothing. They fit really nicely into my Hotmilk Nursing Bra that I am wearing. Absorbency is good for me, they contain leaks.

disposable breast pads are individually packaged. That annoys me a little bit, I dont understand why they would pack 1 pad at a time. I'm always going to change 2 pads, and wear 2 pads. Seems more hygienic to me to change 2 at the same time? I would prefer if they were packaged into pairs. The packaging is a good idea (although a little wasteful) because then I can put them in my handbag, nappy bag etc.

breast pads also have a sticky adhesive bit, so that it can stick to your bra. But I dont know why they do this. All brands of disposable breast pads that I have seen, also have this feature. Do other people find that breast pads move around, shuffle around in their feeding bra? Mine don't. My nursing bra fits me correctly, and my breast pads just slot in.

Maybe people like their
breast pads to stick to their bra, for when they open their nursing bra to feed baby. But again, that's a little bit weird for me. I always just remove breast pad (and hide it under my leg where I am sitting), then open up the nursing clip, then feed baby.

But yeah, thats my chat about
breast pads.