Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Will She Blog Again..... yes probably

With everything that has happened over the past few weeks, how am I meant to blog again? I feel like I've lost my energy and spark to make stuff happen. I'm tired of being brave and helping everyone else, I just want to feel sad and miserable and stop putting on a happy face for my children. Maybe later. The customer emails and orders keep rolling in, so I just carry on.

In order to help myself start to blog again, and to keep myself busy, here is a quick one:

1. This weekend I breastfed my baby at the Santa Parade. Just in the sidelines while watching the parade, not actually marching IN the parade!!

2. I also breastfed my baby at a funeral. NOT in the actual funeral, not during the ceremony. But afterwards while everyone was outside hugging and crying.

There I did it. A blog post. Just like usual.