Monday, December 15, 2008

Extended Breastfeeding Already

So I was at the doctor today...... He just flipped a random question in "and are you still doing any feeds for baby". I replied that yes I was still breastfeeding him, and that he was not having any formula yet.

The doctor was very surprised by this. ?!!?!??!?? He said like "oh really, oh goodness, well, indeed, that is very good, well done". My baby is only 8 months.

I thought I was normal, most people
breastfeed their baby this long don't they. I felt like he considered me an extended breastfeeder. But my baby is only 8 months? I just don't get the doctor. In my definition, extended breastfeeding is anything passed about 18 months really.

The doctor went on to say, that babies "really only need breastmilk for the first few months, the first 3 months are the most important. Most mothers stop at around 6 months. You don't see many babies breastfed after 1 year."

I can't quite remember everything else that he said. But basically, he thought I had already fed my baby long enough. And i certainly don't think he was
endorsing breastfeeding for any longer.

He is usually such a great family-doctor-guy but his comments really surprised me.

It seems when you have a newborn baby, everyone wants you to
breastfeed, and there is a lot of pressure on mums to do this. But once the baby gets a bit older (but is definitely still a baby) then there is pressure to hurry up and stop feeding! Talk about mixed messages.