Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maternity Knickers

Today I'm going to talk about knickers, panties, briefs, undies, whatever you call them. Maternity Underwear.

All of the
hotmilk nursing bras or feeding bras that we stock at our store, they all have matching maternity underwear. Its really sexy maternity underwear too! The styles of knickers vary from bikini, french, g-string, or boyleg styles just depending on what bra you are buying to match.

maternity underwear are all suitable for pregnancy, as they sit under your bump and are not high riding. And of course they are all suitable for after the baby is born. Though I dont really suggest that you wear them immediately after the birth - for that time you might want to buy some cheap big black Nana undies...... but just think of the gorgeous knickers you'll be wearing when v-jay-jay is back to normal!!

Having a set of
gorgeous maternity bra and knickers as your pregnancy underwear set, will make you feel fabulous during your pregnancy. And they are so functional and practical too, for you to use after baby is born. Its a good value investment. The quality of these garments means that you'll be able to wear them for future pregnancies and nursing baby's too!

Here is the selection of
Hotmilk Knickers that we have at the moment. I have just put the images below for one knicker from each style, though all the bra styles do have 2 different knicker choices. A new collection is also arriving in 2009.

knickers all have matching bra's of course. But today's blog chat was meant to just be about knickers.

Click on the picture to link to the

Knickers” width=”312 Bikini Knicker

Maternity Knickers” width=”298Boy Leg Briefs

Maternity Knickers” width=”316Gstring

Hotmilk Matching Knickers” width=”317Bikini Knicker

Hotmilk Matching Knickers” width=”286French Knicker

Hotmilk Matching Knickers” width=”257French Knickers

Hotmilk Matching Knickers” width=”274Boy Leg Undies

Hotmilk Matching Knickers” width=”286French Knickers