Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hotmilk Lingerie in Holland

I received this email from a customer in Holland. I had packed, wrapped and shipped her order of Hotmilk Lingerie and she received in within 9 days!


" Dear Frances, The package was delivered today. I'm so happy with the (
Hotmilk Lingerie) feeding-bras. I will recommend everyone over here (who is looking for beautiful bras etc.) your website. I was even a bit surprised, it was so quickly delivered here in Holland. Thank you very much for your service and help, Best regards, K"


I have been sending a lot of orders for
Hotmilk Lingerie worldwide. People are just using our website, measuring their size using our guide, and then they purchase hotmilk online. I'm sending a little bit of Kiwi Customer Service (thanks to my 6th Form Kiwi Host Course) around the world!!