Friday, September 26, 2008

WAHM and Home Business

Being a WAHM (work at home mum) is such a great way to start a business and earn an income from home. I think alot of mothers who work in full-time employment wish they could be WAHM's rather than heading out to the office, and putting their children in daycare. But they don't know the whole story.

But being a
WAHM is so hard! This week I have really struggled to stay on top of the chaos, run the business and remain in control! I have managed to display a professional cool & calm friendly face to my customers, but behind the scenes have been a bit crazy this week!

Every day this week I feel like I have run around like a headless chicken but slowly got things accomplished. (Business tasks anyway). Housework was non-existent, meals were pretty basic. And I still had late nights trying to get all the business work done. And then I still have Parental Guilt, or Mothering Guilt that I wasn't the best mother, that I didnt read enough stories this week, that I was rushing my children. (I did try I did try I did try)

I'm seriously considering employing some casual help.

But my point is...ummm... I think if I was still working in the office, my life wouldn't be as chaotic. I would have a pretty fixed routine. Get up, feed children, drop to preschool/care, go to work, come home, play feed bath bed story children, clean up house, watch tv, go to bed. That sounds like bliss! Today I am looking enviously at working mums!