Friday, September 12, 2008

The Ultimate Solution to Diaper Rash - Papaw Ointment

Diaper Rash or Nappy Rash - if it ever does appear on your baby's delicate spots I know how horrible it is! Poor baby!

Solution? Well, something that I love, and my customers love, is "
Lucas Papaw Ointment".

(Also known as
pawpaw ointment depending on how you want to spell it).

Its made from
naturally fermented papaw and is a proven remedy for over 80 years.

If you use it at every
nappy change, it will keep baby's sensitive skin soft, clear, and rash free. This is also a handy cream to have for itchy bites and sores etc..

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment
The Papaw ointment natural diaper cream comes in 25gram, 75gram, or 200gram sizes. The 200gram size will last you for a year at least!
This is very popular with our customers and "Yes! We do send worldwide"
For more information about this Papaw Ointment for nappy rash, go to this page on our website