Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Bottles - BPA Free

There has been a lot of media attention recently about BPA (Bisphenol-A compounds) in baby bottles. Apparantely when the milk is heated in a normal baby bottle, the chemicals leach out of the plastic and go into the bottle. I'm not going to spout on about the research and risks here.

Well, we stock the
Medela Bottles and Medela Breast Pumps which are all free of BPA compounds. They always have been.
Breast Pumps and Expressing, Sterilisers, Bottles

Baby Bottles free of BPA
We also have a range of BPA free bottle teats, made by Green to Grow, which will fit the medela bottles.
Baby Bottles Teats to fit medela products free of BPA
Another option is the Adiri Natural Nurser - which is also free of BPA. Now this is a BEAUTY of a baby bottle. The top quarter of the bottle is soft and squishy like a boob. The teat and bottle are all one piece, and the milk squirts out with the same action as breastfeeding. So with the Adiri bottle, there is less chance of baby rejecting your boob if you are doing a mix of breast feeding and bottle feeding.

Adiri bottle is great also if baby has been rejecting other types of bottles and teats.

Its worth a try!

Adiri Natural Nurser Bottles – BPA Free