Monday, September 8, 2008

Sexy Maternity Lingerie available in Fuller Figure Sizes

Finally!!! I am so pleased to announce that at Breastmates specialty Breastfeeding Store, we now have sexy, glamourous, supportive lingerie available in sizes up to G cup. These go right up to size 20G!! Its great to be able to offer full figure bra sizes and plus size maternity bras.

So many women wrote to us saying they were fed up with their
breastfeeding bras, and they are going to be so happy to read that we have these full figure bra sizes available now. These bras are suitable as pregnancy bras, maternity bras, nursing bras, and breastfeeding of course! (But i'll let you into a little secret - we even have women who are non-baby-related wearing these gorgeous styles!!)

They are sexy, lacy, saucy, and glam. Plus comfortable too! And don't forget that all styles have matching knickers.

Breastmates is your #1 Shop for Breastfeeding Lingerie!!

Now just to unpack all these boxes and stock the shelves.

We are accepting online orders for these
maternity bras on our breastfeeding store website. Check the maternity bra sizing guide to measure yourself and calculate your bra size first.

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