Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top Tips for Great Customer Service - WAHMs

I received some wonderful feedback from a happy Breastmates customer who had recently purchased some sexy hotmilk maternity lingerie.

This is an extract from her message..."I feel only bigger and greater things for you, the only limitations for you will be fears and doubts, and let me assure you, they are unfounded, you should write a model for giving outstanding customer service and sell it. You’ll make a million dollars"

That message just made my day! I don't think my customer service is particularly outstanding, I just do what I would expect myself if I was ordering.

Being a busy
Work-at-home-Mum with my home business for breastfeeding products (that was started with only a budget of $50, no capital input, no technical input, and has been self funding) here are my top tips for good customer service, particularly for those that run an internet based business.

Be honest with your customers.
Tell your customers when their order has been sent out, so that they know everything has been processed and that their items are on the way.
If something is out of stock, tell your customer there will be a delay, and when they can expect it. If something has sold out completely, tell your customer. Offer them a refund.
Treat customers how you would like to be treated yourself.
Take pride in the presentation of your products, and the customers order. A little tissue paper and ribbon makes a million times difference when they receive their order. (where appropriate of course).
Enjoy your work, and your customers will know that you love what you do.
Customer enquiries are never a burden, give advice and honest answers.