Friday, September 12, 2008

Sore Nipples from Using Breast Pump? See Medela Breast Shields

Today a customer phoned me because they had been having really bad pain very sore nipples when using their medela Breast Pump. Her nipple was rubbing on the sides of the breastshield and was terribly painful for her.
Breast Pumps and Expressing, Sterilisers, BottlesMedela Breast Shields sold in different sizes

Solution: the standard sized breast shield that came with the medela mini electric breast pump that she purchased was too small. The funnel part on the breast shield. All these medela breast pumps are sold in the box with a 24mm size breastshield. Sometimes women don't fit this, and need a larger or smaller sized shield to ensure pumping is not painful. We stock the medela breast shields in 21mm (small), and 27mm, 30mm size. Unfortunately this is not really something you can know in advance, you have to try first. We do also stock all the online spare parts and accessories for the medela breast pumps also.

The problems are that the
nipple rubs on the sides of the breast shield when it is drawn in with the pumping motion of the breast pump. We have some more information on the problems of breast pumps and breast shields, and a guide to the correct sizing of breast shields on our breastfeeding website here

The customer had had a really hard time trying to find the correct product. She had been into chemists and they sold her the wrong thing. (they sold her
nipple protectors for goodness sake!). These shops did also sell the same breast pump that she had originally brought, yet they didnt know anything about correctly sizing breast shields.

This is the type of terrible advice, and terrible service, that I had experienced years ago... which had led me to start this
business from home. I am proud to be able to give good advice, and I know about my products I sell!!

The other good thing about
running this business from home, in particular for this customer, is that her husband was able to call around tonight (Friday 7.45pm) to collect it, when all the other shops were shut!!