Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marketing of breastfeeding

Well as you all know, I am a WAHM (Work at home mum) running this website and business specialising in breastfeeding products online, from my home in Auckland New Zealand.

I've recently had my second child, and thought he would be ideal to use in a photograph for my marketing campaigns nationwide.

I was a bit hesitant about using the photo in print and digital media (its me in there after all), so I posted a question on a popular
Parenting Forum that I belong to.

So 118 people voted, and this is what they said:

  • like it 92 78%

  • don't like it 9 8%

  • neither like or dislike 15 13%

  • arrrrgh i feel indecently exposed please don't flash your boobs at me 2 2%
Now I am sorry to the people that thought i flashed my boobs at them. Maybe there was just a bit too much skin showing in the photo. And maybe the photo depicted breastfeeding to be toooooo "special and precious". (That's what someone thought) But just for the record - i don't walk around naked feeding my baby all day!

The photo is special and precious - because b/f is a special time!!

And the picture is now being used in our marketing.

Special thanks to baby, and to hubby for taking the photo. And to my graphic designer who cropped out the testicles, and wee wee puddle patch that got sprayed on my jeans.....