Friday, August 29, 2008

WAHM and Home Business

I just wanted to take a minute from telling you about the new breastfeeding products and sexy maternity bras that I write about on this blog to remind readers that this is a home-based business. I run this business while looking after my two gorgeous boys from my home in Auckland. Well, actually I try and do as much on the computer while they are napping, and I dont get much sleep at night as that is when I try and get all the work done and lingerie orders packed.

My eldest son is nearly 4. I started this Breastmates business when I was pregnant with him.

My new son was born in April, and he is just a scrummy yummy baby.

My husband is a great help with my Breast Feeding business too. No - he doesnt help with the maternity bra fittings or breast pump questions! He sorts out all my IT and gadgets so that i can do this work. Well he likes those things, and its a good excuse for him to research and shop for them! He helps with forecasting, business plans, and is overall a sounding board for my ideas. He is also FAB at handing out pamphlets at Parent and Child shows. Thanks B.
This is a family shot of us going to Nick's 30th Birthday. It was a fancy dress, so we are Fred and Wilma Flintstone, with spider man son. It was a cold winter night, hence the black thermals with the costumes. YES i did make the costumes a long time ago, so was recycling them.