Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Little background about my WAHM business

I am Frances, the founder and manager of Breastmates. I run this business from my home in Auckland, New Zealand while looking after my two sons.

I created
Breastmates Specialty Breastfeeding Store in 2004 when I had my baby son Angus and was looking for natural products to use. I decided that I would use washable wool breast pads to absorb any milk leaks when breastfeeding him, and that I could use my own fibre skills to make my own. After lots of research and development (thanks to my engineering background) I created pure merino breast pads. We then developed Hemp Breast Pads which are an easy-care and high performance alternative.

We started to realise that very few stores focused on breastfeeding in New Zealand, and some of the advice I received from other chain stores was really bad.

So with a lot of work we slowly set about developing our own
Breastmates online store - and here we are today with a whole range of products especially for new mums including sexy hotmilk lingerie, breastfeeding clothing, breast pumps, nursing pillows, baby gear plus heaps more! And we give proper advice based on the product training, actual product usage, and being a mum too!

Breastfeeding is such a lovely bonding time with baby, and those quiet times don't last very long! I know that breastfeeding is not always possible, and it is the family's choice on how baby gets fed - so we do have bottle products aswell.

Life as a WAHM is very busy with looking after my children and running my business from home. Things can get pretty hectic, but we all get along great!

Some other time I will elaborate on this blog how we actually started our
Breastmates business with only $50 - and look at where we are now!