Monday, August 18, 2008

Breastfeeding Discretely in Public

Mothers often worry about breastfeeding in public, and they are worried about showing their post-partum jelly belly, or people seeing their breasts or nipples. Mothers can often feel very awkward, and so can people around them. Its silly though - breast feeding a baby is the most natural thing in the world.

But I agree, it can be very awkward manoeuvring a baby, lifting top, opening the drop
down clip on nursing bras, removing breast pads, and then finally latching a baby. But give it a few weeks and you will get this down pact!

To feel more comfortable, we have a range of
breastfeeding clothing available. These nursing tops are just like wearing regular tops but they have openings for you to access your breast. There are several styles available, such as singlet feeding tops with built in shelf support bra (the glamourmom range is extremely popular).

We also have more
casual style feeding tops which have generous sizings to allow for the extra baby weight. This style has a zip that opens across the front.

Some of the more discrete
nursing tops for breastfeeding we have, are so gorgeous that you wouldn't even know they are for breastfeeding. These styles feature a ruched layer, great for a smarter look, for funky mums, or even if you are returning to work, or going to a wedding.
This year we also introduced some
winter breastfeeding tops in a hoodie style, and some long sleeve nursing tops made from a divine bamboo fabric. These have been very popular.

If you don't want to purchase a whole new wardrobe just for the time you are feeding baby, then have a look at some
Tummy Wraps which are just used for layering over jeans and underneath a t-shirt, so that you don't show your belly. A merino poncho is also a good idea, and can be kept in the wardrobe for all occasions.