Friday, August 29, 2008

Earth Mama Angel Baby

I'm so glad that I know stock the Earth Mama Angel baby products for breastfeeding.

Breast feeding can be so painful to begin with. The feeling of milk let down and breast engorgement is big OUCHIES!!

We now stock these new Booby Tubes™ made by American company Earth Mama Angel Baby.

These are a natural, safe, gel-free breast pack made with a 100% organic cotton shell and filled with all-natural flax seed. Use warm or cold, depending on your nursing needs.

Wear them inside your maternity bra to help:

  • Reduce the swelling and tenderness of engorgement
  • Comfort breasts during weaning

These little beauties safely deliver warm, moist heat to tender breasts. They have a unique gel-free construction designed to help reduce the risk of burns. About 5 minutes before each feeding, warm them in the microwave to

  • encourage milk flow
  • maintain open milk ducts to prevent clogged ducts
  • promote let-down
  • comfort the symptoms of infection or mastitis

We also have the Earth Mama Angel Baby herbal poutice, called Bosum Buddies, which you mix up and apply to your boob. Heavenly!