Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sexy Pregnancy Lingerie Shocked NZ

Sometime last year, I sent out a newsletter to my Breastmates Newsletter subscribers (people who had requested to receive a newsletter from me about our website's freebies, sales, giveaways etc). That edition of the newsletter was informing customers about the gorgeous range of Hotmilk sexy pregnancy lingerie and sexy maternity lingerie that we had started to sell.

The email I sent included pictures of the pretty maternity lingerie and sexy maternity photos. Shame on me!
I was really surprised to receive a few complaints from customers - saying the images were "inappropriate" and "verging on soft porn". Oh my goodness - what pregnant or new mother wouldnt want to be notified about this new lingerie we were selling? Its such a huge improvement on the old boring granny-style of black, white or beige. What do you think of these shots?

The people that received the newsletter were either pregnant, or new baby. My target market. I wasnt sending SPAM, and I wasnt sending the email to granny's or a non-relevant auidence.

Mothers these days want a bit of glamour (myself included!)

So we asked the question - was it because the lingerie models were pregnant that people couldnt handle the marketing shots? I guess so. Thats the only thing that differs with these shots compared to department store junk mail. I have included the maternity lingerie photos in this blog post - these sexy lingerie for Yummy Mummy's styles were from the first season.
The story then featured on newspapers around New Zealand and finally the manufacturers were interviewd on the John Campbell news show on TV3. Several blog writers around the world also have mentioned this news story and its links to
Breastmates! Of course we loved this fantastic exposure of this gorgeous range of maternity lingerie!
Bare in mind that it was only a few people that complained - not the whole nation. So dont think all New Zealanders are such prudes!

Since the story hit the news, we have had two new ranges of
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