Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nappy Bag Review

#customer love

Thank you Stephanie for this nice review about Nappy Bag Mode

Rating: 5



I just got this and have really enjoyed the first couple of days of 'road tests.'  It's got lots of room for my baby's spare nappies and clothing change, plus my bits and pieces, and little extras like some small toys and a library book.  The straps are comfortable to wear over my shoulder.  I ended up not using the clip ons to attach the bag to a pram because it doesn't suit my pram design well, but they're useful for hanging toys off.


Levels of service-wise, I'm very happy with Breastmates - delivery was in three working days with an email when the package got sent.  The clothes I ordered at the same time came wrapped in tissue paper for that 'treat' feeling.