Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hydrogel Breast Discs , these are the #1 item that I recommend any preggie mum packs into her hospital bag.

Comment received from Sarah


Hydrogel Breast Discs



Everyone should get some of these.  They are so soothing and really sped up the recovery of my really cracked nipples.  Had felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with using lanolin cream.  Once I used these gel pads I saw a dramatic improvement in a really short time.  I was stoked and my midwife was impressed too.  


I gave some to my sister-I-L.  She initially didn't think that she had enough of a reason to use them.  I insisted she tried them, the next day I got an excited text message saying that they were amazing!! Took the discomfort of getting latching sorted away.