Thursday, January 28, 2010

Customer Email

It’s so lovely when a customer takes the time to email me some feedback.  This lady sent me a wonderful email, with a quote that I could use on my website too.  


I got two lovely packages this morning - so prettily wrapped! You are amazing, you know that? Your attention to detail, fast service and wanting to help each customer makes you such a wonderful business!!

 "I have just tried on my order and my 2yo walked in and said, 'pretty mummy' so I guess thats approval from her - and they have approval from me too! Hotmilk lingerie is so gorgeous and Breastmates superfast delivery and easy ordering, combined with the wonderful advice and support from Frances makes purchasing a breeze and a pleasure! The suprise gift-wrapping is like sprinkles on the cupcake.... and the whole experience is as sweet and delightful as an icing covered cake too!"


HEHE - you can use that bit above on your site :-)

 The pjs are gorgeous - thank you thank you!! I absoutely love that set, I think Ill be holding onto it for years to come. My poor cami is faded and stretched from washing and pregnancy but the winter pjs will be well looked after and treasured every night I put them on - they are beautiful. I have tried to get away with wearing the L/S top during the day too - it really is stunning!!