Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be a Guest Product Reviewer

Introducing a new feature on our store, which will benefit all customers.  But I need your help to make this work.

Each product on the Store now has an "Add Review" link at the bottom of the page.  When reviews have been written they will display at the bottom of each product page,  with the ability for more to be added.

Invitation  I would love for you to come and add some reviews about any products. 


Whatever comments you write are displayed - there is no way for me to edit them.  (It works very similar to blog post comments).  The only control that I have to is to Accept or Reject.   If I accept, then it's displayed on the page exactly how you typed it, including your spelling mistakes. If I reject then its not displayed. 

Generally your comment would be visible after the site is reloaded overnight. 

The benefit of these reviews is that they are YOUR honest comments, to help other shoppers.  This is all part of my Open and Honest way to conduct business.  If you didn't love something, you get to say so. 

Here is a little guideline etiquette

  • I won't publish any reviews that are abusive, have swearing or harassment
  • I won't publish any reviews that mention other stores, spam, or weblinks
  • If you purchased a product from another store, but it happens to be a product that I also sell, you are welcome to still review the product.
  • Feel free to add comments about my service too
  • If you purchased a bra, it may also be helpful to other shoppers if you mention what size you purchased.
  • If you have a bad review, I hope that you would have given me the opportunity to rectify it before hand, if able.
  • There is no way for me to contact you after you have written the review
  • The "Add Review Page" does ask for your name, but you can use a nickname.  I'm not collecting personal info.
  • Reviews won't show instantly, they'll display after the site is reloaded within 24-48 hours.


So Go Forth and start adding reviews.  Go to the STORE to find the products that you loved.