Friday, November 27, 2009

Small Size Bras - Limited Edition

Our current range of HOTmilk lingerie (2009) catered for the smaller cup /body sizes.  These included 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8DD, 8E, 8F, 10A, 12A, 14A, 16A, 16B

Though unfortunately I have the official word that HOTmilk won’t be including these smaller sizes in the new garments that are coming next week  View HOTmilk New Styles 2010

HOTmilk say "We will be starting from size 10B from now on. The demand just isn't there to warrant us doing size 8's or A cups for the minimums we have to commit to for manufacturing.”

So if you are a smaller cup size – I suggest you grab what you can while we still have it.    Go to our store and use the Search By Bra size to see what we have for you:

Her Desire was Dangerous

She Embraced the Moment

Cherry Bomb Chic

YES HOTmilk bras can also be worn by women that are neither pregnant or feeding  - they make gorgeous soft cup bras, and I know it can often be difficult to find these in the smaller sizes.  I’m speaking from experience here as I am personally a measly 10A.