Thursday, October 8, 2009

Real Mothers Talk about Breastfeeding

My new goal of running my Breastmates website is to prepare people with the truth – and not unrealistically high expectations.  And to provide support for whichever way they choose to feed their baby.

I just hope people can find the information they need, and I’m trying to get the support for them!

The following is a list of stories that real mothers have shared with us.  I have only removed their names and have not edited any other information.

If you would like to share a couple of paragraphs about anything baby related, please email me


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Are my Breasts Still Making Milk?
Auckland Lactation Consultant
Baby Friendly NZ or Tokyo
Baby not getting enough
Baby not getting enough
Bottle Feeding Tips
Breastfeeding a Baby in Hospital
Breastfeeding is a B i t c h
Breastfeeding Shouldnt Hurt
Breastfeeding Through Mental Illness
Breastfeeding Tips from Lydia
Clicking while feeding
Cluster Feeding
Constipated on Formula
Demand Feeding
Drink Lots of Water to Make Milk
Get a Lactation Consultant
Get Baby Used to a Bottle
Hard to Start
Honest Breastfeeding Tips
Lactation Consultant
Mastitis and Probiotics
Milk brings on reflux and colic
Negative Feeding Experiences
Newborn and Toddler
Nursing with Large Breasts
Postnatal Depression
Raynauds Syndrome
Stressful Breastfeeding to Start With
Switching to Formula
Tongue Tie
When to Start a Bottle