Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Day at School

Written at 9.12am



We dropped Lochie off at preschool as per normal, and then Angus ran through his old room at Treetown and said hi to all his friends.  It was a zooming run through visit because we didn’t want to be late for his first day at real school. 


So my boy and I drove together to primary school.  We were going to play on the monkey bars before the bell rang (as one of the preschool teachers had told me it would be a good idea to get to school early and play beforehand to get rid of a lot of his energy!).  But the bars were wet so we went into the classroom together and looked at all the children’s artwork.

Teacher started a morning song for Mat Time, and about 2 minutes later I went up to Angus who was sitting on the edge of the mat and said “I’m going to go now”.  He said “okay bye mum”


Gave him a wave through the window, he had a great big grin.


We now have a school boy.


I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult than that, he is a sensitive wee chap but is obviously ready for this change


They have to be picked up today at 2pm cos of some teacher meeting, so lucky I have flexible work hours!