Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#Maternity Website Review

Customer Love from Sarah.  (She sent this to me at 3am)


Hi Frances,

I just wanted to tell you how please I am that I came across your business during the last few months.

I've had several orders and I am rubbish at leaving feedback! But love everything that has arrived! The service is fantastic and I don't bother looking at any other website unless you don't stock it!

And now we are on day 6 with my new bundle ( first time mum) I was reading your bumpf on sore nipples... My next orders in :) we'll get that knocked on the head before it starts!

Like I say, I don't usually  bother leaving feedback but at 3am it suddenly feels really important that I say you have a fantastic business and really useful website ;) Keep it up, Sarah