Monday, March 31, 2014


#note to my future self: I’m just saving this message online so that I can read it one day and know that I did good things.

Just have to say, your website is absolutely amazing.  I knew you sold maternity and breastfeeding clothes but had no idea there was so much supportive and informative information on there about both breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  I have been finding reading the information and the experiences of other women so unbelievably helpful and not too mention reassuring. 
I am suffering from low milk supply (as you would have guessed from the items I ordered) and have had to supplement with formula as advised by paeds for the last week due to my four week old not gaining much weight.  My supply has since taken an even bigger hit.  My heads been all over the place   I could spend lots of money and time trying my hardest to increase my milk supply, but I decided to just let things be and devote that time to just bonding with my gorgeous baby instead of worrying so much about how I am going to be feeding her.  Now I just have to work on dropping the guilt. Its nice to come across some really non judgemental information and advice about mixed feeding and bottle feeding.