Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breastfeeding & What to Wear at Night

We are pleased to announce the arrival of MumDrop wrap, a new product for bedtime wear

The MumDrop wrap was invited by a customer of ours, who saw the need for a breast pad / bra type product for night wear.

She needed a product like this to take care of heavy nighttime breastmilk leakage that would also provide bust support while sleeping.

Lovely and comfortable to wear, and highly absorbent so you don't wake up with soaked PJs and wet sheets in your bed!

Check them out here: MumDrop Wrap

It's fun to be involved with a new product like this, and to provide a tiny bit of support for another mum starting a business.  (Thats how Breastmates was started in 2004 - with one product and selling on Trademe).